Angela M. Webber is a writer, musician and performer from Portland, Oregon, recently relocated to Los Angeles. With her band the Doubleclicks, she wrote and recorded three Billboard-charting musical comedy albums and toured the country (and Australia one time!). She ran "The Doubleclicks Variety Show" in Portland and the touring "#NerdNightOut" show with Joseph Scrimshaw. Her web-series Catty B's, created with Lucia Fasano, was once nominated for an award! She hosts the improv-gaming podcast "Gosh Darn Fiasco" with her wonderful husband Richard, and is always cooking up weird nerdy projects. She can currently be seen hosting "Game Night: A Variety Show" in LA and playing RPGs on Twitch.

Angela also runs the indie label Doubleclicks Records and consults on crowdfunding projects with musicians, filmmakers and game designers. 

Contact Angela: angela.webber.w@gmail.com

Blog: angelaserthings.tumblr.com | Twitter: @angelamwebber