Angela M Webber makes things. As the front-woman and manager for folk-pop duo the Doubleclicks, she has written over 100 songs about nerdy topics, empowerment, and feelings which have charted on Billboard and hit NPR airwaves. She’s grown the band’s fan community through a popular YouTube channel, earning over 3 million views and 15,000 subscribers by shooting, directing and editing vlogs and music videos. She’s also built that community by booking, planning and promoting tours across the US, Canada and Australia. 

Outside of her work with the band, Angela is a writer, with bylines in journalism, analysis, and humor ranging from the Daily Journal of Commerce and Portland Mercury to Geek & Sundry and the Mary Sue. She co-created and produced the comedy web series Catty B’s with comedian Lucia Fasano. She also produces and directs videos for other artists and is a consultant and manager for indie bands, specializing in crowdfunding and internet communities, through her company Doubleclicks Records.

Angela hosts Gosh Darn Fiasco, an iTunes-charting comedy and gaming podcast where she plays Role Playing Games with folks from the gaming and comedy communities. She also created “You Should Write A Song About That,” a project in which Angela interviews an author or researcher and writes a song about their work. 

Contact Angela: angela.webber.w@gmail.com

Blog: angelaserthings.tumblr.com | Twitter: @angelamwebber