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Doubleclicks records

Doubleclicks Records is a music consulting company I created to help independent musicians and bands leverage their online audience. I use my experience in crowdfunding, tour planning, promotions, video production, and project management to help other indie artists create—and get paid for—awesome music and events. 

    Our clients include:

    Lucia Fasano - singer-songwriter - who raised over $6,000 to fund her debut album and a west coast tour! Lucia said this:

    "This was my first Kickstarter and Angela lead me through it with patience and expertise, turning a potentially stressful experience into a fun and prosperous one!"  

    The PDX Broadsides - formerly a pirate band, now a group of feminist nerdy song-slingers! Their first Kickstarter project raised over $12,000!

    Twogether Studios - game designers - raised $17,000 for their game Action Cats


    To work with Doubleclicks Records, contact me


    By the numbers:

    • I have raised over $310,000 on Kickstarter and Patreon for musicians, game companies, and filmmakers.
    • For the Doubleclicks, I developed a following of 15,000 real YouTube subscribers, with 3 million video views, using social media and touring, no PR companies, no paid followers. The band also has 11,000 fans on Twitter, 8,700 on Facebook and a mailing list with over 8,000 fans.
    • Two records have charted on Billboard for a total of three excellent weeks.