$72,406 Raised in latest Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for the Doubleclicks' latest album, "Love Problems," raised over $72,000 to help the band make a new album, produce a video musical and provide a variety of new rewards (and merchandise) to our fans. This is the fourth Kickstarter I've managed and I'm so excited to use the power of crowdfunding to make a new, wonderful piece of art!

The project got a big mention on the Portland Tribune this week as well!

Portland's Doubleclicks, nerd-folk sister duo Angela and Aubrey Webber, know it's a matter of simple arithmetic: crowdfunding plus a plethora of fans equals a pile of cash to fund a new album.
On Monday, March 13, the Webbers completed their latest Kickstarter campaign raising money to record their fifth full-length album, "Love Problems." The campaign started in mid-February was supposed to raise $35,000 to fund recording sessions. But, 1,870 people later, it piled up $72,406.
It's the duo's latest crowdfunding success story. Two years ago, the sisters raised $55,535 from 1,282 backers to produce their "President Snakes" CD. They were asking for $30,000. Three years ago, fundraising for their CD "Dimetrodon" nearly broke the internet, raising $81,000 when they asked Kickstarter backers for a mere $18,000.

Women Know Math on the mary sue & Bitch Media

The incredible folks over at Bitch Media gave a great shout-out to my latest endeavor, the giant 50-artist collaboration video "Women Know Math," on their "New Music Monday" feature!

When Bitch last covered Portland DIY-folk duo The Doubleclicks, they were debunking the "Fake Geek Girl" trope. They're back this year, with a new video and new album (being Kickstarted now!) diving into a new set of topics for their fellow nerdy feminists. Their latest video is for "Women Know Math," which the band described as "a frustrated feminist anthem about gender roles." Watching it, though, I don't see the frustration -- I only see the anthem. "Women Know Math" is unabashedly gleeful in its proclamations of gender nonconformity and disregard for social expectations of gender performance. This song dispels with the notion that frankly feminist music has to be obtuse or inaccessible - sisters Aubrey and Angela Webber write and sing songs that are as direct and relatable as a long phone call to your best friend. Everyone can find something to relate to in this sweet celebration of a song. Do you cry a lot? Are you neither slender nor curvy? Are you good at math? Are you completely over the idea of gender performance? This song will validate you, and you'll get it stuck in your head. 
To highlight the sense of community and camaraderie they've been cultivating for their entire careers, The Doubleclicks enlisted 50 different female and non-conforming artists from around the world to each draw one frame of the music video for "Women Know Math." The result is a tapestry of feminism and self-love, different in style but alike in message and in the way every one feels like the best hug you've gotten in months. 

I also did a long and wonderful Q&A with the Mary Sue about this video and the forthcoming Doubleclicks album, Love Problems! 

"The Doubleclicks Variety Show" wraps successful year

The Doubleclicks Variety Show was a 90-minute monthly program featuring local comedy, music, and original sketch writing and performances here in Portland! My goal in creating and producing this show was to have a venue for myself and my sketch team, Love You Squad, to showcase our writing and performing skills. The show had a loyal and growing audience and it was a ton of fun. A the end of the year, we ended up with a great library of new sketches and a lot of amazing memories. Thank you to our audiences, our guest comics and bands, and the Brody Theater & Kickstand Comedy Space for making it all possible!

Atomic Game Theory: A New Educational Web Series

We have a new show! Richard Malena—math teacher, and my partner in efforts creative and otherwise—has finally launched his new show "Atomic Game Theory" - an examination of board games through the lens of game theory.

Livestream Show featured on the Mary Sue

My band, the Doubleclicks, hosts an online show monthly on Youtube, thanks to our crowdfunding supporters! The twitch-style show features is part concert, part chat show, and party interview, always featuring wonderful special guests from the world of comedy and music. 

This month's show was featured on geek girl news source The Mary Sue!

Folks can watch all of our livestreams on YouTube anytime!